June 23, 2021

3 Benefits of Upgraded Gym Signage

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As social distancing regulations and mask requirements are dialed back, gyms across the country are beginning to witness a surge in activity. After over a year of making do with home gyms and jogging around the neighborhood, people are simply ready to get back to their favorite workout spot. As you prepare for increased traffic, consider these three benefits of revamping your gym’s signage in 2021.

Generating Outside Interest

If your gym is reopening or increasing its capacity, you can announce it to the world with signage. At this point, public gyms are competing against revamped home gyms, fitness apps and online classes. Now that our situation with the pandemic is improving, it’s the perfect time to remind passersby that the best place to improve their fitness is their local gym!

Communicate Safety Measures

There are inherent risks to using gym equipment, making the communication of health and safety regulations very important for public gym owners. These days, the risks of going to the gym extend beyond the actual equipment itself. With that in mind, gym signage is a great way to convey warning signs, safety notices, social distancing practices and equipment sanitization requirements.

Improving the Gym Goer Experience

Your outdoor signage is sure to draw in new members and your interior signage is designed to keep all of your members safe. All that is left now is to offer the best gym experience possible, and signage can help with that too. Consider outfitting the space with helpful signage to broadcast hours of operation, course calendars and wayfinding for equipment/ locker rooms. For a nice cherry on top, you can also keep your members feeling engaged and welcome in your space with motivational messages placed in various hotspots throughout the location.

Revamp Your Gym Signage with the Pros at East West Sign Group

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June 23, 2021