September 26, 2018

3 Signs You’re Communicating the Wrong Thing on Your Business Signage


Getting your business signage right is essential to making the most of your investment and attracting customers. If your current signage is confusing or sending the wrong message, you’ll end up with the wrong customers or, even worse, no customers at all! Here are some of the sure signs that you’re communicating the wrong thing on your business signage.

Your Branding Doesn’t Match Your Industry

While it’s a great thing to stand out, if you use branding that doesn’t match your industry and you have a vague name, you’re sending mixed messages. The difference between “Suds” and “Suds Laundromat” is profound without additional context clues, since the first could be a pet groomer or even a hair salon. Context matters with signage and a law firm with a bubble-letter neon sign would not jive with customer expectations. Your branding should fall in line with what people envision for your industry so that people who know what they’re looking for and random passerby will see what you have to offer.

Your Art is Confusing

Choosing to add art or a logo to your business signage is often a great idea, but not if it is unclear what the picture represents. You should always choose high-quality images that can be identified from a long distance. The plate of spaghetti that looks wonderful right outside of your restaurant might look more like a shapeless blob from far away. If you partner with an experienced sign design company like East West Sign Group, you will benefit from a great deal of expertise on what images perform the best on business signage.

Your Directions Are Unclear

If your location is difficult to find, you might have additional signage on the roadways leading up to your business. However, if your arrows aren’t pointing in an obvious direction, your message is not getting through. Even while many drivers will be using a GPS device to find you, the people who rely on your signs will get frustrated, and might not even make it to your door.

Business Signage from East West Sign Group

Designing, installing and maintaining the right business signage can be hard without an experienced partner. East West Sign Group knows all about sign design and installation, and we have worked with countless businesses to boost business with great signage. To learn more about how we can design the right sign for you, contact us today!

September 26, 2018