September 27, 2021

3 Steps to Refreshing Window Graphics for the New Season


Fall has officially begun which means many business owners are just about to begin their busiest time of year. Halloween will be here before we know it, and we’ll be in the thick of the holiday season thereafter. This calm before the storm marks the perfect time to update your window graphics for the new season. Follow these tips to ensure your window graphics catch the attention of passersby and lead them inside!

Choose the Right Style

There are three main styles you will be choosing between for window graphics: opaque, semitransparent, and perforated.  Opaque window graphics fully block out the interior of a building from the outside, making it a great choice if you are trying to create a sense of privacy or generate curiosity.  Semitransparent graphics allow potential customers to be able to peer into your store for a welcoming feel.  Options include frosted vinyl, solid colors, or digital prints.  Another option, perforated vinyl, allows those inside the store to see out (without seeing the graphics) while potential customers see only the printed images from the outside.  As a bonus the semitransparent and perforated options allow for more natural light inside your business.

Select Your Colors

Choosing the most eye-catching colors possible makes perfect sense for window graphics, but only if you manage to provide enough contrast for easy legibility. During this time of year, you may want to plan to incorporate colors that will be in season before we know it. All throughout autumn, you can’t go wrong with reds, oranges, and browns. As we move toward Halloween, you can expect to see more marketing material favoring orange, black, and purple. These differences in color may seem minor, but they can greatly influence the overall success of your signage.

Craft Your Message

Once you’ve chosen the style and coloring of your window graphics, you’ll simply have to create the message itself. Perhaps you have an upcoming/ ongoing seasonal sale? Maybe you have seasonal products that you’d like to promote? Regardless of your message, we recommend sticking to a simple, conversational approach for window graphics. If you can manage to catch attention in a friendly and welcoming matter, you can expect a lot of traffic this season!

Refresh Your Window Graphics with East West Sign Group

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September 27, 2021