November 21, 2018

4 Famous Signs Around the United States

Baltimore Sugar Sign
(Image Above: Baltimore, Maryland’s very own famous sign, the Domino Sugars sign!)

Throughout the United States, there are many signs that are so popular that tourists specifically plan trips around taking photos with them. What are the most famous signs around the United States, and how many have you seen in person?

The Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood Sign is a landmark and cultural icon that’s appeared in hundreds of films and television shows. The sign consists of 45-foot tall white capital letters spelling out HOLLYWOOD. It was originally built to advertise a local real estate development, but thanks to the instant recognition the sign was left up. The initial design featured 4,000 lightbulbs that flashed in alternating patterns, but a restoration in 1978 replaced the original letters with steel and concrete letters.

The Las Vegas Welcome Sign

This sign, reading “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas,” is another sign made even more popular by movies and television. The sign was initially designed and built in 1959, and it sits in Paradise about 4 miles out from the actual city. The iconic sign is 25 feet tall, double-backed and internally lit. The designer, Betty Willis, wanted to capture the unique nature of the city by making a sign that was totally unlike anything else in style, shape and content. Because of her love of the city, she never copyrighted the design, which has contributed to its popularity on souvenirs.

The Chicago Theatre Sign

The Chicago Theatre sign, located on the outside of the historic Chicago Theatre, is a national and local landmark. The location was the flagship of a local chain of movie theaters, and the brightly-lit marquee is often referred to as the unofficial emblem of the city. The original marquee, replaced in 1994, was donated to the Smithsonian Institution. The neon font found on the vertical portion of the marquee was also used as the title of the 2002 version of Chicago.

The Boston Citgo Sign

This infamous sign is a double-faced sign with the logo of the oil company Citgo that has gained popularity through its high visibility during Boston Red Sox games at Fenway Park. The LED sign was installed in 1940 and has undergone a few refurbishments over the years. The sign has been seen in a number of shows and movies, including 1989’s Field of Dreams.

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November 21, 2018