May 26, 2021

4 Signs of Bad Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

vinyl decal for vehicle

Digital signage is becoming increasingly popular in our industry, and it’s for a good reason. Even still, there is no substitute for well-executed static signage. When it comes to maximizing your cost per impression, it’s hard to beat the value of vehicle graphics and wraps. However, if your vehicle wrap is poorly executed, you’ll harm your brand’s image more than anything. Here are four signs of a bad vehicle wrap.


Bubbling is a clear giveaway of low-quality signage. Most often, bubbling is caused by improper installation and low-quality materials. It usually only takes a few days to develop, meaning your brand-new investment could be tainted very shortly after its installation, assuming you don’t select a reputable signage provider.

Poor Trimming and Installation

Sometimes our clients prefer to install partial wraps rather than a branded decal. In any case, the result should look painted onto the vehicle, not applied as a cheap sticker. Be sure to choose a signage provider with attention to detail and precision to make the installation look completely seamless. Potential customers will notice poorly installed decals!

Sun Fading

At some point, all outdoor signage will need to be replaced for one reason or another. Vehicle graphics and wraps are constantly exposed to sunlight, meaning your replacement schedule could be rapidly accelerated. To avoid frequent replacement, be sure to choose a signage provider that keeps you in the loop about their methods to preserve brightness and radiant colors.

Peeling Edges

Even when signage companies use strong adhesives, peeling can start to occur after wear and tear starts to take place. So naturally, a car with peeling decals doesn’t offer a positive representation of your business. Expert installers prevent peeling by post-heating the entire perimeter of vehicle decals to the temperature recommended by the manufacturer.

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May 26, 2021