July 24, 2017

4 Signs Your Signs Need to Be Replaced

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Even if you take great care of your business signage and have regular maintenance performed, wear and tear will eventually put your sign out of service. A broken or outdated sign reflects poorly on your business and might discourage customers from stopping by. If your signage is showing any of these four signs, you might be due for an upgrade.

You Are Out of Regulation

Every time you update your sign or design a new sign, you typically need to get approval from your shopping center or local municipality. If your sign is beautiful, but was installed without getting proper approval, it might need to be removed or replaced. Local municipalities try to balance the needs of local businesses with state and federal regulations, so always design with local rules in mind.

Your Sign Is Illegible

Electronic message centers and traditional signs lose their legibility over time due to weather, burned out bulbs and fading. If your sign cannot be read when walking or driving by, it isn’t attracting any foot traffic or telling visitors where you are located. An illegible sign is a useless sign, so upgrade your sign right away if it is unreadable or risk losing business.

Your Sign is Outdated

Have you updated your logo? Is your phone number or website URL new? If your branding and basic business information is out of date, it’s time to upgrade your signage. While dedicated clients won’t be bothered by the old logo displayed outside of your business, newer customers will be unsure as to whether or not they are at the right place. Any updates that take place on your letterhead and business cards should also be made on your signage.

Your Electronic Message Center is Past Its Prime

Electronic message centers are fantastic ways to get your basic business information, sale information and news in front of people driving by. However, if your electronic message center was purchased over a decade ago, you are due for some serious upgrades. Newer and higher-grade components will make your sign brighter, clearer and much more attractive.

Work with East West Sign Group

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July 24, 2017