January 22, 2020

Why Audience Matters for Your Business Signage

Before moving forward with updating your business signage, it is imperative that you have a firm grasp on exactly who your audience is. By taking a close look at your target audience, you can tailor your signage to that specific group in order to maximize the effectiveness of the new signage. Which factors should you pay close attention to in order to ensure that your signage fits your target audience?


When creating new signage, there are several physical parameters you should keep in mind in order to ensure the best end result. The size of signage itself along with the font size is a great place to start. Consider if your signage will be placed indoors or outdoors as a starting point to determine the best size. Naturally, indoor signage can usually be a little smaller. Outdoor signage can be a little trickier, as you have to consider the average distance away that most people will see the signage. If your store front happens to be right by the road, for example, large signage is likely unnecessary, and a smaller design will look sleeker and more refined.


You’ll also want to have the average age of your consumers in mind when deciding the ideal size and contrast of your signage. If your target audience is generally of older age, it makes sense to go with a very high contrast design with clear lettering to ensure your signage is readable.  Consider sign height as it relates to your audience as well. If your setting is geared toward children, for example, a playful theme and signs placed at reasonable heights are appropriate.  We can work with you to ensure that your signage is designed around your target age group.


Keep the overall purpose of your signage in mind. What should the audience be gaining from it? Is your signage reliably fulfilling its purpose? Make sure that you keep these questions in mind when designing your sign. For example, if your space has a unique layout and you often deal with wayfinding questions, you can probably infer that your signage is ineffective and could use a redesign. We can work with you to determine why the signage is not fulfilling its purpose and tailor it to your audience to change that.

Tailor Your Signage to Your Audience with East West Sign Group

We are the experts in creating business signage that perfectly matches the needs of your audience, whether it’s more traditional or modern and digital. East West Sign Group knows all about sign design and installation, and we have worked with countless businesses to boost business with great signage. To learn more about how we can design the right sign for you, contact us today!

January 22, 2020