December 22, 2021

4 Examples of Successful Restaurant Signage

Restaurant owners have a lot to consider when it comes to choosing signage for their business. Cafés, eateries and major chains all have a unique set of challenges to contend with. It’s true that every business wants to attract customers, but restaurant signage needs to appeal to our senses. In addition, restaurant owners need to convey what kind of cuisine they offer. These are all simple things, but they can be tricky to express in a concise manner. So, what makes restaurant signage effective? Here are a few examples.

Nalley Fresh

There are three elements at play here that make this sign so successful: color, contrast and imagery. The black, white and green color palette is minimalistic, but it communicates the restaurant’s brand promise. The monochromatic scheme with a touch of brighter color also makes for easy reading. When viewed at a distance, viewers are drawn to the contrast between the dark background and the lettering. Finally, the spoon and fork logo delivers the most important message of all: if you’re hungry, this is the place to visit! As far as restaurant signage goes, this is a perfect design.

Baltimore Coffee & Tea

As with Nalley Fresh, this restaurant signage is effective due to its high contrast. The italicized font is straightforward and unadorned, but it doesn’t require additional flourishes. After all, the name of the company already conveys what customers will find inside. What’s so powerful here is the vivid color: it would be hard not to notice the bright red lit against its black backdrop. When you need a boost of caffeine, you want to be able to find it with ease! This sign helps visitors do just that.

The Greene Turtle

Some restaurant signage is so eye-catching you can’t help but notice it. What we love most about this sign is its stature. The large, yet legible font and familiar turtle logo on top make for a striking design. The owners picked the perfect location, because from this height drivers will be able to spot the signage from miles away. Up close, visitors who aren’t familiar with the chain can also get a glimpse of what they’ll find inside with the supplemental text underneath. Driving home after a long day can make you feel ravenous, and this signage immediately makes you think of towering burgers and football Sundays! The Greene Turtle is ideal for family fun and nights out with loved ones, and this restaurant signage gets the message across loud and clear.

Sir Veza’s

This sign for “Sir Veza’s” in BWI airport is precise, balanced and to-the-point. In any airport, people have plenty of options when it comes to restaurants. If travelers have some time to spare while they wait for a flight, they’ll want to know what kind of cuisine they can get so they can come to a quick decision. Here, Sir Veza’s illustrates not just the type of food but exactly what’s on their menu: tacos, tortas, burros and burgers. For visitors, the brief list of entrees will help them avoid spending too much time browsing. From a business perspective, there’s a great deal of competition so it’s important to stand out. The classic black and white design and attractive, fun fonts make this one a hit!


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December 22, 2021