November 14, 2017

Best Practices to Increase Your Retail Signage Return on Investment

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Designing your retail signage, whether an apparel store or a convenience store, is a major decision. By designing to maximize return on investment (ROI), you can ensure that the amount you spend on signage reflects in your year-end bottom line.

What Are the Key Elements of a Great Sign?

According to a 2014 study, signs with the best ROIs had a number of basic attributes:

  • Readability
  • Aesthetics
  • Information conveyed
  • Quality
  • Scale
  • Uniqueness


Readability is critical for good signage and a healthy ROI. If customers cannot read your signage or easily see where you are located, they will not know where to go or have their interest piqued driving by. If your signage is going to be placed over glass, ensure that there is a high contrast background so that it’s readable. Firehouse Subs is a prime example of using clear, legible signage placed over a contrasting background to increase ROI.


A beautiful signage program will always have a bigger ROI than an unattractive signage program. If you are a retail store with multiple signs in the windows and throughout the store, consider keeping the core signs (exterior signage) consistent and swapping out other signs as the seasons and products change.


Conveying a great deal of information doesn’t need to be complicated. Buffalo Wild Wings is an excellent example of a company using exterior retail signage to convey just enough information. Their signs are integrated into their modern design approach and seamlessly match their existing branding.


This is the final X-factor that makes great signage different from good signage. Unique and visually striking signage will become synonymous with your brand and can even become a reason to visit your business in and of itself.

Work with East West Sign Group

East West Sign Group is passionate about providing businesses both big and small with updated and affordable signage. We walk with all of our clients every step of the way, from designing the perfect sign to the final installation. Let us take your big picture ideas and turn them into exterior and interior signs that help you stand out from the rest!

November 14, 2017