At East West Sign Group, we are passionate about providing businesses with eye-catching and affordable signage. Many businesses that only do business with other businesses (B2B), especially online or over the phone, don’t worry about getting signage. However, every business needs at least one quality sign. Here are four of the biggest reasons why your B2B needs quality signage.

Potential Customers Will Know You Exist

Signage doesn’t just exist to sit outside of your business, it also exists to advertise to everyone driving or walking by that your business is open. Even a simple sign with your company name will help other business owners to know where you are located and the services that you perform.

Where Are You Located?

Delivery drivers, employees and visitors all need to be able to find your business easily. Your signage does not need to be complex or detailed, but it should exist! Many B2B companies without proper signage struggle with missed deliveries and confused job candidates.

Signage Makes You a “Real” Business

Just like business cards, signage makes your business seem much more legitimate to clients. Signs outside of your office add a huge dose of professionalism. Think of it this way—would you want to enter a building without any signage in a neighborhood you’re unfamiliar with? Customers and employees pay attention to the outside appearance of your building and first impressions do matter.


Last but not least, B2B businesses need quality marketing too! Signage is an easy way to market your business without spending too much money. Unlike other types of consumable marketing (such as flyers, brochures and business cards) your signs will last many, many years with proper care.  You may never know how many impressions your sign makes in a day or how many fellow business owners discovered your B2B business through your signage but one this is almost guaranteed – it will happen!