You’ve finally attracted someone to your business or healthcare facility, but now you have to guide them to where they want to go. This is where a wayfinding system comes in! The right wayfinding system will take stress off of your clients and ensure that they go where you want them to. A carefully-planned customer experience should always include a well-designed wayfinding system with signs.

Name Every Location

Before you can direct customers from place to place, you need to ensure that every location has a logical name. A name can distinguish one room from another, so think critically about what you call every location on your site. Your wayfinding signage can incorporate room names as well as directories, wall graphics, entrance and exit signs, floor graphics and more.

Use Landmarks

Next, you should think about landmarks you can highlight when giving directions. Do you have a fountain in the middle of your hospital that visitors use to find the way? If you don’t have any landmarks, you can also use signage to create them. Monument signs, like those located outside of many businesses, are one way that you can create a landmark with a sign. Directories can also serve as landmarks and wayfinding assistance.

Create Paths

When people drive on-site at your location or walk into your building, you should have a few paths that you would like them to take to get to where they are going. Think about the last time you visited a hospital. There’s a good chance that you drove by access control signs and directional signs in the parking lot. Once you arrived inside, you followed numerous wall signs, floor signs and other landmarks to reach your destination. You were probably following a path that the designers laid out! Do the same for visitors to your business.

Use Maps and Directory Signs

Finally, depending on the size of your business, it might be appropriate to use directories and maps to help customers find their way. Smaller wayfinding signs are sufficient for a typical office, but larger locations like hospitals have more destinations, so visitors might need more help.

Wayfinding Systems from East West Sign Group

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