Outfitting your place of business with quality signage is one of the best investments you can make when it comes to marketing your business. For maximum return on your investment, you’ll want to make sure you keep up with signage maintenance. As such, we’ve prepared some common signage wear and tear issues and how to address them.

Burnt Out Lights

Illuminated signage is great for drawing attention to your business in both day and night.  Having burnt out lights on your storefront is never a good look, however. The last thing you want is for your “Dynasty Buffet” sign to read “Nasty Buffet” because of burnt out lights. Keep a close eye on your signage to monitor any outages so you can replace them promptly. Of course, you can give East West Sign Group a call if your signage bulbs burn out as well!

Dullness and Fading

Outdoor signage goes through a lot throughout the year. Signs have to endure winter weather, heavy spring showers and the harmful rays of the summer sun. Sometimes, weathering and fading is bound to occur. The risk of fading can be reduced if you opt for UV laminates up front, which many businesses in high sunlight areas opt for. If your fading is quite noticeable, that means it is probably time for a repaint or a reprint.

Dirty Signage

In addition to harsh weather conditions, signage is also exposed to a lot of dirt and debris at any given time. Naturally, dirty signage doesn’t exactly lead to the best first impressions as customers approach your business. Plus, if it is left uncleaned for long enough, the dirt can actually make your illuminated signage less visible and bright in darker conditions.

The safest way to go about addressing dirty signage is to have a professional come in for scheduled maintenance. Of course, you can do the cleaning yourself as well, but hiring a professional is the safest option for harder to reach signage.

Minimize Your Signage Wear and Tear with East West Sign Group

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