Many people have wisely chosen to reduce their amount of travel this year due to risks associated with COVID-19. Since we can’t travel to our favorite destinations, we figured it would mark a great time to reflect on them. Here are 5 of the most iconic signs in the world!

Hollywood Hills Sign

Constructed in 1923, the Hollywood Hills signs is one of the most iconic in the United States. The original purpose of the sign was to advertise an up and coming real estate development called, “Hollywoodland”. The sign was originally intended to remain on display for 18 months, but it still stands today and remains one of the hottest tourist spots in Los Angeles.

Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

The 25-foot-tall Fabulous Las Vegas sign has greeted countless visitors into the city of Las Vegas since 1959. Las Vegas is known for its nightlife and bright lights, and this sign has been the perfect representation of that ever since it was installed.

Penny Lane

Prior to 1967, the Penny Lane bus stop sign was considered an ordinary sign in Liverpool, England. That all changed when the Beatles released their iconic track by the same name. Since then, the sign has risen to iconic status and has been replaced several times due to theft.

Radio City Music Hall

Shortly after the great market crash of 1929, John Rockefeller Jr. had the idea to breathe new life into the city of New York with the construction of a grand music hall and Radio City Music Hall was the result. At the time, the theater was the largest in the world. The theater and its bright exterior signage have remained destinations for tourists worldwide ever since.

Signpost Forest

Located in Watson Lake, Alaska, Signpost Forrest is actually a collection of street signs and license plates. While we’re not saying you should model your business’ signage around Signage Forest, it does still have an interesting story. A soldier was repairing a damaged signpost in 1942 and ended up adding a sign of his own from his hometown. Other soldiers followed suit shortly after and the trend started to take root. These days, there are over 80,000 signs present in Sign Forest.

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