Is your retail signage visible? Even if you’ve created the perfect signs for your retail space, if they blend into the background, there’s no guarantee that they will actually be effective. How can you make sure your retail signage stands out?

Location Matters

Once you have the perfect signs created for your retail space, don’t diminish their effectiveness by hanging them wherever they’ll fit! As a general rule, directional signage should be above eye level so customers can see it as they walk underneath. On the other hand, promotional signs will be most effective at eye level or ground level to attract wondering eyes as they pass by.

Of course, eye level varies for everyone, so when you’re placing your signage in your store, keep in mind that children and people using wheelchairs are all at different heights. Your goal should simply be to install your signage in a place that is visible and unintrusive to anyone that may interact with it.

Short and Simple

While it’s tempting to fill retail signs with your business’ verbiage in order to attract customers, we recommend keeping it simple. Some customers are in a hurry, and if your signage is too busy, there’s a decent chance they will just gloss over it entirely. Additionally, our next tip (spoiler alert) is centered around creating readable signs with large fonts. If your signage is too wordy, you’ll have to reduce the font size in order to fit all the content on limited space. This will make your signage less readable as a result.  Don’t make your customers squint to learn about your latest sale!

Readability and Contrast

Signage can only stand out with proper contrast, font choice and font size. There’s a lot of really great fonts out there to choose from; however, many unique fonts might look on a computer screen, they don’t always make the best choice for retail signage. Customers should be able to read your signage at just a glance, and a large, crisp font will allow them to do just that.

Color contrast will also make signage stand out, even if it means straying from your business’ color scheme at times. Powerful combinations like white and black or yellow and red will reliably catch the eyes of your shoppers.

Update Your Signage with East West Sign Group

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