You can learn a lot about a business just by observing its signage. Displaying fresh, well designed signage creates a perception that your customers are dealing with a legitimate business and can expect to receive quality service. As you might expect, the opposite is true for dated, poorly designed signage. How might ineffective signage be hindering your business?

Cheap Materials

First impressions matter so much for businesses. That’s why business owners prefer to hand out thick, well designed business cards when networking. They probably wouldn’t have as much success if they handed out a card on a flimsy piece of cut out paper. Quality signage matters for similar reasons. A well-designed sign constructed with quality materials is the perfect way to build trust and create a positive impression with new customers.

Poor Color and Font Choices

Even if you begin with a great overall design for your signage things can start to go wrong when it comes time to choose the font and color. Remember your target audience and the reaction you are trying to elicit from them and consider color psychology  before making any final color choices.

The key to choosing a good font is selecting one that will be readable right away at first glance. The last thing you want is for customers to gloss over your business because the fancy font on your signage takes away from its readability.

Neglected Maintenance

You can’t just have signage installed and then forget about it.  Over time, weathering will start to impact the aesthetic of any type of signage and you can expect your signs to start getting dirty as it is exposed to the elements.  Even bulbs in an LED message center will start to burn out over time. Both of these are a bad look for your business! When weathering starts to occur, we recommend having a professional come in for scheduled maintenance. Of course, you can try to clean it yourself, but hiring a professional is the safest option, especially for harder to reach signage.

Update Your Signage with East West Sign Group

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