With winter only a few short weeks away, inclement weather is sure to follow closely. As such, there are a few steps all of us should take to make sure our customers have an easy time locating our businesses amidst the dark and dreary months ahead. In this blog, we outline tips to help your business stand out through it all!

Check on Your Lighting

Be sure to closely monitor your signage throughout the winter to ensure that all of your bulbs remain fully lit. Your customers will quickly locate you, and you’ll preserve the professional image that your business strives to maintain. If you find that your fully functional bulbs still aren’t providing enough illumination, it may be time to upgrade to a brighter and longer-lasting LED bulb solution.

Adjust Your Lighting with Daylight Savings in Mind

Daylight savings ended back in early November, but we find that many businesses neglect to adjust their signage schedules with that in mind. At this point in the year, it is fully dark outside by 5 pm, and your signage must be lit by then. Otherwise, your customers may have a great deal of trouble locating or even noticing your business in the afternoon and early evening.

Implement an LED Message Center

LED message centers have been around for several years now, but some recent advancements have made them even more common. While the upfront cost of LED signage may be higher than other alternatives, the versatility and brightness they offer often make the investment worth it. Consider that outdoor LED signage grants you the ability to keep each passerby in-the-loop, in terms of company updates and sales, or even to broadcast your latest social media announcements. This is the perfect investment to make with winter fast approaching.

Keep Your Business Visible During the Winter with East West Sign Group

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