Earlier this month, we looked back on the one-of-a-kind year that was 2020. At last, it’s time to move forward and set our sights on the year ahead! Which signage trends can we expect to continue gaining momentum into 2021?


To start the year, the workforce will be primarily divided in terms of location. Some businesses have the means to safely work in their primary physical workspace, while others will continue to stick with remote working for the foreseeable future. One thing we can be sure of is that we’ll be seeing many advertisements regardless of where we’re working. To stick out from the clutter of all of these online and physical advertisements, taking a more minimal approach is one of our top recommendations for 2021.


A commitment to customer service will only get businesses so far in this day and age. That is no different in the signage industry! You likely have taken steps to make sure your own business cares for the environment. Be sure to ask prospective signage companies about their commitment to caring for the environment as well.

Bang for Your Buck

The past year was a tough one for many industries, and budgets may be tight for some time as a result. With that in mind, it’s only natural that business owners will be seeking competitive pricing for their signage upgrades in the new year. Reusable signage hardware at a reasonable upfront cost will be on many business’ radars as we move throughout 2021.

Digital Signage Growth

Signage became a lot less static in 2020. Rather than committing to a message and sticking to it for years at a time, digital signage allows businesses to refresh their message at just a moment’s notice. This is particularly useful when communicating ever-changing hours and social distancing protocols as we continue to navigate through our new normal. Many of our customers opted to implement LED message centers at their business in 2020, and we expect this trend to continue into the new year.

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