A company’s brand aesthetic carries a weight beyond words. However, changing your branding to reflect your business better can be risky! Take inspiration from these three companies who managed to knock their rebrands out of the park.


Back when Instagram launched in 2010, their aesthetic was a lot different than it is now. This was at the height of the skeuomorphism design phase, so the creators stuck with a retro-looking camera to tease the old school filters the app launched with. In 2016, Instagram revamped their entire brand, and we loved the results. Now they have a more colorful palette to replace their neutral scheme, but they still managed to include elements of the original design for brand recognition purposes.


Uber is all about comfortably transporting their customers to the location of their choosing. As such, their branding should elicit feelings of positivity, simplicity and flexibility. This is the case now, but it wasn’t always this way. The original logo was simply the name “UBER” in a blocky, all-caps font. This typeface felt abrasive and uncomfortable, so their switch to a more practical and welcoming font and moving away from all caps was an excellent choice for Uber.


Rebrands don’t have to be complicated. Dunkin’ already had a great, simple logo in place, but they felt that the name “Dunkin’ Donuts” placed too much emphasis on donuts when they had expanded their menu. To solve the issue, they dropped the word “Donuts” altogether and added in branded magenta apostrophe after the unchanged orange “Dunkin’” text. This simple change keeps their core colors in the fold and pivots to a universal design.

Making Your Own Rebrand a Success

Rebrands can be risky! When the time comes for your company to revitalize its look, be sure to remember that your main goal should be representing your core brand values in the best way possible. That’s what the three companies above did, and their rebrands were a huge success!

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