In plenty of past projects, we’ve illuminated exterior signs for visibility at any time of day. However, indoor spaces present a separate challenge. Let’s say you recently purchased a business property with very little natural light. Dim interior areas can be a disadvantage, but with the right signage your business will look bright and welcoming. When choosing your signage, be sure to focus on lighting components and directional elements. When customers enter the building, they’ll need to find their way to key areas. In a quick service restaurant, for example, these might include the menu board, the dining area and the bathroom. So, how can you light up these spots and enhance the space? Let’s take a closer look.

Opt for Backlit Displays

Backlit displays are an ideal form of signage for dark areas. They aren’t blinding to the eye, they increase visibility, and they’re appealing to look at. The soft glow created by backlit signage also guides customers forward and assists with wayfinding. More than likely, you’ve come across this type of signage without paying much attention to the lighting itself. That’s because backlit displays are designed to recreate the organic feel of natural light.

Create Balance with Several Lit Signs

In a dimly lit area, you might create a harsh contrast by choosing only one illuminated sign. You want to avoid anything that customers will find off-putting. Instead, think about ways you can find a proper balance. With the help of additional lighting fixtures, you can easily add a few illuminated signs around the area to jazz up your business. These can even be artistic rather than informational or directional. Why not design something fun and eye-catching? Get creative with it!

Add A Few Spotlights

If you’ve been inside a restaurant recently, you have probably seen spotlights used to brighten a menu. Like backlit displays, they reproduce the ambiance of natural light. This is a great way to draw attention to a specific area and gently brighten a dim space. Also, with this option, you can choose any signage you’d like. The spotlights will do all the work for you. Just keep in mind that the lighting should be warm and soft rather than glaring. The whole idea is to guide your viewers towards the right signage and create an inviting environment. Too much strong lighting can produce a negative effect and steer people away from the information they require.

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