Seniors are an important part of any business’s customer base, but they’re often overlooked in the signage decision-making process. In the U.S. alone, over 50 million people are 65 or older, and this number is expected to double by 2060. Seniors, therefore, represent a considerable portion of the population. Unfortunately, due to ageist practices, seniors are often forgotten or treated as inferior in the marketplace. If you’re not reaching out to them, you’re missing out on a major opportunity. One way to do this is by creating signage seniors will be attracted to. Using signage that appeals to seniors can make your facility more welcoming and accessible.


Prioritize Readability

As they age, older adults may find it difficult to read small or highly decorative text. If you’re creating safety signage for your business, this is highly important. When seniors can’t read wayfinding and cautionary signage, it puts them at risk. However, this is equally important for aesthetic signage. If older individuals have trouble finding your business or identifying its purpose, they’ll take their business elsewhere. For signage that appeals to seniors, focus on simple, decipherable text in a size that’s easy to read. Additionally, sans-serif fonts are highly recommended.


Use Contrasting Colors

Our sense of visual acuity lessens over time. For this reason, similar colors tend to appear blended when placed together. If you plan to place text against a colored background, it’s crucial to use opposing hues. However, try to avoid anything too harsh or bright such as vivid neon colors. You don’t want to blind your audience or create any unpleasant sensations. When selecting signage that appeals to seniors, a classic color scheme like black and white is very effective. For visually impaired individuals, simpler is always better. However, you can experiment with a number of options to find colors that match your brand.


Portray Seniors in a Positive Light

In some cases, you may want to represent older adults in your signage using images and visuals. With this approach, it’s especially important to portray your audience in a favorable light. Many senior citizens are stereotyped as white-haired, frail, and incapable of performing basic tasks. While older individuals may struggle with health conditions, they’re much more competent than most give them credit for. Therefore, it’s best to depict them as independent, capable human beings who are valued in the marketplace. Stereotypes are both harmful and cliché, two things you should avoid with your signage. Before creating signage that appeals to seniors, always take the time to consider your audience. If they’re represented in a respectful manner, they’ll be much more willing to visit your business.


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