It’s almost impossible to imagine a world without digital signage. When was the last time you visited an airport, a shopping mall or a subway station without seeing some kind of digital sign? Think about a place like Piccadilly Circus in London, or Times Square in New York City. Without digital signage innovations, all those bright, lively screens wouldn’t be such a wonder to behold.

The real question is, what will the future bring? One thing is certain: the world of digital signage is changing and evolving rapidly. At East West Sign Group, we love hearing about upcoming trends and digital signage innovations. Here are some of the most exciting things we’ve come across recently.

5 Digital Signage Innovations

  1. Interactive signage. You’ve probably already come across some interactive signs in local restaurants. Small tabletop signs that once displayed daily menu specials now allow you to order from your seat and even play games. However, we expect this digital signage innovation to become much more prevalent in the future. Next time you visit your local shopping mall, see if you can find interactive monument signs that display maps or directories. Using these signs, you may be able to navigate the space digitally to find what you’re looking for. We also expect to see these deployed in grocery stores and other retail environments to help customers find items they need.
  2. Ultrasonic sensors. Check out this fascinating digital advertisement at a train station in Sweden. The effect is triggered when incoming trains are detected by ultrasonic sensors. These signs draw a great deal of interest from crowds, and they produce a near-magical outcome. Creative technology like this may become the norm soon enough, and more signs may start “reacting” to their outside environment.
  3. QR codes on signs. During the pandemic, you probably used quite a few QR codes to open contactless menus at restaurants and cafes. However, these have also been applied to billboards and other digital signs. Imagine walking by a sign advertising a new movie, scanning a QR code, and being able to watch a trailer or order tickets right there. You may even be able to access a company’s website directly from their signage. All of this and more is possible thanks to digital signage innovations.
  4. Facial recognition. Methods like AI and facial recognition software are exploding right now, and it’s likely that the technology will progress. Some digital signs can respond to customers’ identification markers (age, gender, etc.) and even sense their moods. As a consumer, you may be able to ask the sign questions, get directions and learn about a company’s inventory. In a way, it would be like having a customer service representative available at all times.
  5. Touchscreen technology. Touch screens have become a part of our daily lives. However, we expect that this will transition from the small screens on our phones to much larger signs. A business with a large inventory and limited staff, such as a car dealership, could benefit from something like this. With touchscreen technology, consumers have the chance to take a more active role in their search for goods and services. Furthermore, they can customize their experience and deal with simple tasks easily rather than rely on a representative throughout the process.

What are the Benefits of Learning about Digital Signage Innovations?

  • It’s a great way to brainstorm new and creative ideas
  • Incorporating some up-to-date elements in your signage can help you increase profits
  • Learn new ways to make advertising faster, easier, and more effective
  • Consider how customers at your business might react to digital signage innovations (would it make the customer experience better?)
  • Be a part of the future of signage

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