You probably don’t take the time to notice interior signage in a retail setting. However, without it, the shopping experience would be completely different. Customer confusion, disengagement, and a quick exit would be likely without the right signage.

If a store’s exterior provides an immediate visual impression, then the interior layout is designed to maintain the customer experience. The goal is to keep the customer engaged so they stay in the store longer and consider making a purchase. To make that happen, business owners must use all the tools at their disposal. Ultimately, interior signage in a retail setting is more than just a way to tell customers who you are. It is an essential part of your selling strategy. Read on to discover why interior signage is so important and how it can benefit your business.

Why is Interior Signage Important in a Retail Setting?

Discount Promotion

While this type of sign is sometimes overlooked, it is an important component of a retail store’s overall marketing strategy. Everybody loves a good discount, but they can’t take advantage if they aren’t aware of the opportunity. While you’ll likely advertise discounts in your window display, they should also be used inside the store. This will remind customers of exclusive deals while they shop. In addition, you can position discount racks and sales signs strategically. It’s likely that customers will spend more when accessories or small add-ons are placed next to markdowns.

Streamlining the Customer Journey

Now more than ever, customers expect their experience to be streamlined and convenient. In fact, 83% of consumers today say that convenience is more important to them now than it was 5 years ago. 52% report that over half of their purchases are influenced by convenience. Interior signage in a retail setting is used to assist customers on their journey and make the experience as smooth as possible. In a clothing store, for instance, visitors might first explore new “Hot Fall Outfits” and “Warm Winter Wear.” From that point, they might search for fitting rooms and eventually the checkout area. You don’t want any shoppers to become frustrated because they can’t find what they’re looking for. Unfortunately, most customers will abandon their purchases if they feel they’re being inconvenienced.

Enhanced Accessibility

One last thing to consider is accessibility. Most interior signage in a retail setting is used for upselling and optimizing the customer journey. However, you also want to ensure all customers can take advantage of your offerings. Business owners should always install disability and ADA-compliant messages where appropriate. Furthermore, all directional signage, including exit signs, should be highly visible. Interior signs should be well-lit and noticeable.

During the design process, accessibility should be a top priority. Anyone can walk into your store, so it’s important to reach beyond your target audience. Even if you sell clothes aimed at teens, an older grandparent won’t visit to purchase a gift. Everyone needs to be able to read and understand your interior signage. For this reason, the language should be clear, legible, and easy to comprehend.

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