Most business owners want to stay current and ensure they’re accommodating up-and-coming generations. The current challenge marketers face is the generation born from the late 1990s to the early 2010s, otherwise known as Gen Z.

As with most generations, Gen Z and the things they care about most are unique. They are not only technologically savvy (95% of teens own a smartphone), but they also have a firm sense of what they want. This makes them a hard sell, as traditional marketing tactics won’t be of much use with Gen Z. Business owners need to get creative and do their research to understand and market to this generation. 

The question is, how can you make a lasting impression on Gen Z through your signage? In an era when so many people are digital natives, finding the right signage is more important than ever before. Here are some pointers for selecting signage that appeals to Gen Z.

Tips for Selecting Signage that Appeals to Gen Z

Incorporate Social Media into Your Signage

Gen Z is the generation of young adults who were born after the rise of the internet. They’re digitally literate and active on most social platforms, TikTok and Instagram being the most popular among the group. Business owners know that to market to a specific group, it helps to know where its members congregate. The virtual world is Gen Z’s natural habitat. Ultimately, it only makes sense that they prefer to interact with brands in an interactive, online medium. In fact, 83% of Gen Z do their shopping on social media. If you want to reach this group, publishing content regularly on various platforms is key. But how can you incorporate social media into your signage?

Signage that appeals to Gen Z is digitally consumable. One idea is to use QR codes so young customers can quickly access online content through their smartphones. You could also promote your social media handles by including them on indoor and outdoor signage. This way, Gen Z can begin their sales journey before they’ve even entered your shop (and continue it after they depart).

Engage the Audience on an Emotional Level, But Stay Concise

Along with Millennials, 61% of Gen Z prefer short videos under 1 minute in length. With the rise of TikTok and other micro-content, we can surmise that Gen Z possesses short attention spans. However, this doesn’t mean they prefer fast food-style content with minimal substance. Members of Gen Z are used to hearing relatable, down-to-earth stories shared by influencers and friends. Fortunately, signage offers the perfect opportunity to be both concise, relatable and engaging. You only have so much space to work with, so make it count. The ultimate goal of creating signage that appeals to Gen Z is to communicate a clear and evocative message.

Express Your Values Whenever Possible

Since this generation has grown up online, they’re very educated when it comes to social causes. They want to support brands that align with their values, namely sustainability and equal rights for all. This isn’t a generation that appreciates silence or organizations that sit on the fence. When crafting your signage, think of ways you can display your own values and convictions. What does your business stand for? How are you committed to impacting society for the better? These are things Gen Z wants to know before they put their trust in your company. Think about what symbols, images and motifs can you incorporate in your signage to appeal to Gen Z in this way.

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