When you are designing signage for your business, there are many different things that you need to think about, including the font, style, and text. However, there are other considerations that many business owners forget—ADA compliance. The Americans with Disabilities Act has been around since 1990, and it helps make sure that disabled individuals are able to patronize your business. What are some of the most common ADA mistakes that business signage may have? 

Braille or No Braille

Raised text and braille are required on permanent signage to help those with visual impairment navigate. Putting these on every sign or leaving them off of every sign are common ADA mistakes. If any sign is being mounted in a permanent location and not overhead or projection-mounted, you should ensure that:

  • The raised characters are uppercase and sans serif
  • The raised characters are between 5/8” and 2” in height and are raised at least 1/32” from the sign
  • Braille is at least 3/8” separated from raised text or other raised sign features
  • Braille is rounded or domed and not flat

We can help you design permanent signage that will meet ADA requirements and help your business look great.

Finish and Contrast

After you’ve satisfied the requirements for character size and style, you need to take care to avoid any finish and contrast ADA mistakes. Contrast refers to the degree of difference between the colors on a sign. Finish means the finish of the surface of the signs themselves, like whether they are shiny or matte. When creating signs with the proper finish and contrast, you should consider:

  • Characters should contrast with the background (pale characters with a dark background or dark characters with a pale background)
  • Both characters and the background should have a matte finish without flare

Working with a professional will help make sure that your brand and colors are still integrated into your signage without making any ADA mistakes.

Mounting Height

Once you’ve designed an ADA-compliant sign, you need to mount and install it properly. If you have a sign with raised characters and braille, it needs to be mounted to the side of the door that latches in an area of clear floor space so that it can be accessed. There must be at least 48 inches between the ground and the lowest character and 60 inches between the ground and the highest character. 

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