Designing the signage for your business might seem like a straightforward endeavor, but it’s important to think carefully. After all, the decisions that you make will have a direct impact on how easy you are to find, how clear it is to passersby what you offer, and the perception of your brand in your community. As a result, it’s important to avoid these common exterior signage mistakes.

Sun Damage

When planning your exterior signage, you need to think carefully about the materials that you are using—which includes the ink used to print your sign! As you drive around, there’s a good chance that you regularly encounter signs that appear faded and illegible. If you do not use UV-resistant ink and the right materials, your sign can fade prematurely and even be damaged by heavy rain.

Poor Readability

Signs that look perfectly clear from a close distance can be blurry and completely unreadable when driving by at high speeds. One of the most common exterior signage mistakes is not thinking about readability requirements based on the final installation location. Some of the readability factors that you should weigh include:

  • How high or low the sign will be displayed
  • How your customers will be viewing the sign (walking by, driving by, etc.)
  • The backdrop of the sign (your building, the sky, etc.)
  • The appropriate font, which may be different from the normal choices that you make

Nearby Obstacles

Another one of the most common exterior signage mistakes is visual obstacles that you might not account for. If you’re planning a sign in winter when the trees are bare, you might be in for a surprise in the summer when they are full and lush. It’s a good idea to anticipate a variety of situations that you might experience, including a truck parking in front of your building, nearby plants that might partially cover the signage, and anything else that could impact legibility.

Skimping on Installation

You’ve invested time and effort in finding the perfect sign, so why should you skimp now that you are almost at the finish line? It is always best to invest in professional installation for your sign. This is the only way to make sure that everything is hooked up correctly and protect your investment.

Forgetting What Happens After Dark

Once the sun goes down, your exterior signage may look completely different. One of the most common exterior signage mistakes is planning for daytime disability and forgetting that things look completely different in poor weather or after dark. Make sure that you plan ahead for nighttime and weather when considering your signage.

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