Signage is critical for all types of businesses, not just the retail stores or restaurants that you might traditionally think of. Even if you own a B2B business, signage can help customers know that you’re there, increase your profile in the community, and set your business apart. What are some of the reasons why B2B businesses should continue to invest in signage at their physical locations?

Boost Your Branding

One of the biggest reasons why any company invests in exterior signage is to let the community know that they are there, and this still applies to B2B businesses. Your exterior signage is a great way to boost your branding and make people in the community more familiar with you. While plenty of people who walk or drive by might not necessarily need your business right now, simply knowing that you are there can go a long way.

Some Signs Apply to Every Business

When visitors or employees are walking around your property, how do they know where to go? Some types of signs, like wayfinding signs, apply to every physical location of every business, regardless of what industry the business operates in. Other types of signage that are universal include safety signs and general signs required by the state, like Fair Labor Standards Act posters. Without the right signs, you can increase your potential liability and face steep fines.

Get Results

Another reason why B2B businesses still invest in professional signage is that signage gets great results. In one signage survey, the researchers found that 75% of people have told other people about a business because of the signage that they noticed. Additionally, 68% of people indicated that they had purchased a service or product because of a sign that caught their attention. 60% of people indicated that dilapidated or missing signage would stop them from going into a business. All of these statistics show that signage is about much more than just what is on the wall or outside of your business—it directly impacts your sales and the perception that people have of your company. 

Partner with the Pros at East West Sign Group

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