The signage outside and inside of your business plays a variety of roles. From helping customers find a parking spot to letting them know where a certain item is, signs perform everything from advertising to wayfinding. Unfortunately, no sign can last forever, and it will eventually be time to replace your signage. Here are some of the signs that you need to upgrade your current signage.

Your Old Signage Is Outdated or Inaccurate

One of the most obvious reasons to replace your signage is that it is outdated. If your sign displaying your hours no longer shows your accurate hours, it should be replaced. If your exterior signage displays your old logo and you’ve rebranded, you need to replace your signage. Accuracy is important, and it’s impossible to create a cohesive branded experience if your signage doesn’t reflect your branding.  

Your Signage Is a Hazard

Particularly if you have old signs that have not been maintained and that are freestanding, they can be a major safety hazard when they start to break down. Pieces of the sign falling off can damage your property, hurt a customer, and dramatically increase your liability. Have your sign inspected to determine if the damage is fixable or if a total replacement will be needed. In the event that it is beyond repair or the cost of repairs would be prohibitively expensive, you can work with East West Sign Group to design, manufacture, and install your new signage—and maintain it in the future!

Your Signage Is Damaged

Storms, natural disasters, and accidents can all do damage to your signage. Unfortunately, having damaged signage on display can decrease foot traffic and cause some customers to assume that you are closed or that the property is not being looked after. When your signage has been damaged for any reason, you should replace your signage outright.

Your Signage Is No Longer Visible

The world can change a lot in only a few years, and you might need to replace your signage for visibility reasons. Trees, other businesses, and other signs can all restrict open lines of visibility that you once had. By replacing your signage with something new, you can ensure that you are not being missed by customers who once knew where to look for you. We can also assist you with re-sizing your signage if you are interested in targeting customers who are driving instead of just walking.

Partner with the Professionals at East West Sign Group

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