When it comes to your business signage, colors play a big role in attracting attention, legibility, and readability, and getting your brand across. If you choose the wrong combination of colors, you could be left with business signage that leaves customers frustrated and unable to find your business. Studies indicate that more than 2/3 of customers believe that business signage is reflective of the quality of the business’s products or services, so how can you make sure that you get yours right?

Proper Visibility

Visibility is perhaps the most important consideration when choosing colors for your business signage. While it’s great to have colors that perfectly match your branding or that stand out, signage is virtually useless if nobody can read it! There’s a reason why you encounter so many signs with a white background—it makes things more legible. As a rule of thumb, the contrast between the colors used on your business signage should be 70% or more if they are supposed to be read from a distance. What are some examples of this?

  • A black background with yellow or white letters
  • A white background with black or blue letters
  • A yellow background with black letters
  • A red background with white letters

What are some examples of color combinations that would almost always be challenging to read from a distance?

  • A black background with grey text
  • A red background with pink text

Even if you get close to a sign with either of those color combinations, it would be tricky to read, which makes it unhelpful for your customers.

Catching Attention

One of the reasons why some businesses choose a bold color for a sign background, like yellow or red, is to stand out more in a sea of black and white signs. One of the other considerations for your business signage is how eye-grabbing it is. Neutral colors have a role in your signage, but they can also easily blend into their surrounding environment. By choosing one bolder color and a neutral for the text, you can often get the best of both worlds. We can help you throughout the design process to ensure that you end up with signage that is as attractive as it is legible.

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