Having business signage is important, but having properly maintained signage is even more critical. One study found that 60% of businesses that repaired damaged or old signage had an increase in sales of 10% or more! Another study indicates that over 50% of customers made assumptions about the quality of a business based on whether or not they had attractive, clear, and well-maintained signage.

Know What Damages Business Signage

Before understanding why maintenance matters, it’s important to know what damages business signage in the first place. One of the biggest enemies of outdoor signs is nature. Whether it’s scorching sun, relentless rain, gusty winds, or snowfall, these elements take a toll on signage materials. Over time, exposure to such conditions can cause fading, rusting, warping, and other forms of damage. Regular maintenance acts as a shield against weather, ensuring that your sign remains attractive and legible.

Purchasing a sign made of inferior materials can also be a problem for the longevity of business signage. If you buy business signage made of materials designed to be used indoors and display it outdoors, it will not last very long or look very good as it ages. Professional installation is another way to ensure that signage is properly mounted in a way that attracts customers and that avoids damage to the sign. 

Choose the Right Cleaners

You should never use a cleaner on your business signage unless you know what your signage is made of. The cleaners that work well on vinyl are often different from cleaners that work well on wood, and you don’t want to risk damaging the sign permanently. If you aren’t sure what to use, reach out to your sign design and installation company. If you are using a tool as part of the cleaning process, like a pressure washer, you should also check to confirm it’s safe to use on the sign.

Clean Regularly

Business signage can accumulate a lot of dirt and debris over time, especially if it’s located near the ground or where it might be exposed to landscaping debris or foot traffic. Make a habit of cleaning signs regularly and checking to confirm that there are no lightbulbs that are burnt out or not illuminating. If you have graffiti on your sign, take care of it promptly with an appropriate cleaner. If you routinely get graffiti on the sign, it might be time to consider moving the sign to another location.

Choose the Right Sign Company

Finally, when you are thinking about the longevity of your business signage, you should start from the beginning. Working with an experienced signage company like East West Sign Group is the best way to make sure that your sign is going to be attractive, properly installed, and manufactured with quality in mind. We can help you find the signage of your dreams.

Partner with the Professionals at East West Sign Group

We are the experts in designing, installing, and maintaining effective signage of all kinds. East West Sign Group knows all about sign design, and we have worked with countless businesses to create great signage that gets good results. If you’re looking to create business signage that is beautiful and legible, we’re here to offer guidance throughout every step of our process. We’re dedicated to providing a high-quality product that is long-lasting and durable. What are you waiting for? Work with an expert sign company and contact us today!