In the fast-paced world we live in, capturing and maintaining the attention of customers is no small feat. Interactive signage addresses this challenge by providing a unique and captivating way to deliver messages. Unlike traditional signs, interactive signage invites customers to actively participate, which can improve how effective your signs are. How can you use interactive signage to engage your customers?

Greater Personalization

It might seem obvious, but interactive signage opens up many more possibilities for engagement and interaction. For example, if you own a large property with departments located in different parts of the building or different buildings entirely, interactive wayfinding signage can make it much easier for your guests and visitors to figure out where they are headed. Interactive signage could also provide your customers with timely recommendations or fun interactive content.

Real-time Updates

Interactive signage can also be used to provide real-time information that is helpful to customers or to people just driving by. For example, your business signage could include live temperature information, current wait times, your hours, or the time. By taking advantage of the versatility of interactive signage, you can rest assured that you are offering customizable, relevant information that will help the sign’s audience.

Improved Accessibility

Meeting the needs of as many guests and customers as possible is critical for any business, and interactive signage is one way to do so. Interactive wayfinding signage, for example, can include a variety of accessibility-focused features like screen magnification, audio output instead of text, and more. By offering more accessible features, you can make your business or building a more welcoming place to everyone and ensure that you are meeting all ADA standards.

Valuable Data

When you have interactive signage that your customers are directly engaging with, it can also provide you with direct insight into what they are looking for. This data can help you make decisions about the content of your signs, the layout of your store, or what customers are really looking for. By gathering data from people who are already at your location, interactive signage can provide you with higher-quality information than surveys and other types of information gathering.

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