Why do so many fast-food businesses use the color red in their logos? Why do so many spas incorporate blue and green in their branding? These color associations can be hard to notice, but they stem from studies on the psychology of color. Color psychology believes that the colors you use can impact how people respond to something. How can you harness the power of color in your sign design?

The Psychology of Color

Color psychology allows designers and businesses to utilize the natural associations we have about colors to their benefit. When completing your sign design, it’s a good idea to think about the feelings and thoughts we associate with various colors. Something as simple as changing the colors you use can improve your brand recognition, increase your sales, and naturally capture more attention.

The Meanings of Popular Colors

  • Red: Red is a color that is often associated with excitement and urgency. It is often used to encourage customers to act now. Red is also associated with hunger, which is why it is commonly used in fast food and the hospitality industry.
  • Orange: Orange is associated with energy and happiness. It is a common choice for any business that wants to seem vibrant and exciting.
  • Yellow: Yellow is another happy color, and it is often associated with positivity and youthfulness. Yellow can also be used in warning signs, so there are some potentially negative associations with the color.
  • Green: Green is associated with nature and health, and it can also lead to feelings of renewal. Deep green is commonly used in the financial industry to symbolize wealth, and many shades of green are associated with companies that deal with spirituality and wellness.
  • Blue: Blue makes many people think about trust and peacefulness. Blue is commonly used in the financial industry due to these associations, but it can also be found in spas and other businesses focused on relaxation.
  • Purple: Purple is commonly used to denote a feeling of wealth or sophistication. Deep purple is also sometimes associated with mystery.

How You Can Use Color in Your Sign Design

When incorporating color in your sign design, you should first think about your existing branding and your target audience. While pink might be a great color for representing good health and youth, it’s also heavily associated with women and girls. If your target audience is older men, choosing another color would be a better idea.

If you use the psychology of color in your sign design, you should also make sure that you have a cohesive color palette. All colors do not look good when mixed with each other, and some colors can decrease readability when paired with each other. We can assist you with your sign design to make sure that you are using color effectively and without taking away from your overall message.

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