When you are designing the sign for your business, there are many different elements that need to be taken into consideration. Some things are obvious, like the name of your business. Others are often forgotten, and they might decrease the efficacy of your signage. What are some of the key branding elements that should always be part of your sign design?

Your Name

Your company name is one of the most important parts of your branding, and it should also be part of your sign design. Some people confuse their business name with their logo, but they are two separate concepts. Your logo includes a picture (like the apple that makes up Apple’s logo) or wordmark (like Google’s colorful logo) that has been designed as part of your branding. A logo is also often part of a sign design. If your company has a logo without words, like Apple, you can use your just your name or your logo and name on your signage.

When adding your name as part of your sign design, you should try to stay as true to your branding as possible. The same font that you use in your marketing materials should be replicated on your signage. When possible, you should try to use your brand colors in the text on your signage. However, maintaining proper contrast and readability is more important than putting your name in your color of choice.

Your Brand Colors

Brand colors can become iconic. Tiffany’s robin’s egg blue hue is directly associated with the brand, even outside of the jewelry world. By adding your brand colors to your sign design, you can create associations in your customers’ minds between the colors that you use and your brand. For example, when you see the color gold, you might not immediately think of a specific company, as Best Buy, Shell, and UPS all use the color. However, when you see a gold M, you instantly know that you’re looking at a McDonald’s.

Your Tagline

Just do it. The happiest place on Earth. What’s in your wallet? If you watch television, scroll on social media, or pay attention to advertising, there’s a good chance you immediately know the three companies that those taglines are associated with. If you have a short and sweet tagline, your sign design is a great opportunity to add it and help your customers remember it.

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