Effective sign placement is crucial for businesses to attract customers and communicate important information. A well-placed sign can significantly impact visibility, readability, and overall effectiveness. There are several factors that contribute to the best place to put a sign, including the sign’s distance from the road, the speed of passing traffic, and color contrast. What factors should you consider when placing signs?

Distance from the Road

The distance between a sign and the road is very important for visibility and readability. Signs that are placed closer to the road are more likely to capture drivers’ attention and get your message across. If you are located on a busy street, signs within 50 to 100 feet from the road edge can maximize visibility and attract passing motorists. Make sure that you follow any local laws or regulations when positioning your signs. In general, you should add an inch of height to letters for every 25 feet of viewing distance.

Speed of Traffic

Another key factor for business sign placement is how fast drivers are driving by. The speed at which vehicles pass by influences how much time they have to notice and read signage. On a highway with faster speeds, you’ll want to place the sign far enough that drivers have time to read it, but close enough that the text is legible. We can help you determine the best sign design and sign placement for your needs.

The Viewer

Outside of distance from the road and speed, you also need to consider who is reading your sign. According to information from Penn State, 66% of adults wear either glasses or contact lenses. This means that their peripheral vision is not necessarily as strong, so the amount of time that they have to read a sign is even shorter. Most drivers will not take their eyes off the road to look for signs unless they are searching for something specific.


The color contrast between the sign and its background significantly influences readability and visibility, especially during different lighting conditions. Using high-contrast color combinations, like black text on a white background or vice versa, helps to ensure readability from a distance. Avoid overly ornamental fonts and choose bold, legible lettering instead.

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