November 30, 2017

Effective Sign Design (According to 100,000 of Your Potential Customers)

business signage

An annual Better Homes and Gardens survey of 100,000 American shoppers yielded surprising results when it comes to signage. Integrating some of these tips into your new interior or exterior signs is a great idea.

Quality Makes the Difference

Cutting corners is still a bad idea, as 29% of surveyed consumers indicated that they visited a previously-unfamiliar store based on how nice the signage was. Interestingly, the quality of signage had the greatest effect on the elusive 18-24 age group of consumers. Over half of those consumers entered a store as a result of the well-designed, high-quality signage.

Consumers Will Assume

The survey also indicated that over one third of consumers make direct quality assumptions about businesses and their products based on their signage. Low-quality, hard to read signage deterred them and gave them negative assumptions about the business, the brand and the products sold there. When designing your signs, make sure that you use readable fonts and attractive graphic design. The investment you make here will not go unnoticed.

Signage That’s the Wrong Size

About half of surveyed consumers could not find a business due to unclear, unreadable or improperly sized signage. This is not just a regional problem or age problem, as both young and old age demographic groups could not find businesses as a result of signage. If your signage isn’t the right size, you could be missing out on consumers every day, before they ever make it to your front door.

New Exterior or Interior Signage from East West Sign Group

East West Sign Group is dedicated to providing businesses both big and small with attractive, high-quality and affordable signage. We walk with all of our commercial clients every step of the way, from designing the perfect sign to the final installation. Let us take your big picture ideas and turn them into exterior and interior signs that help you stand out from the rest!

November 30, 2017