November 3, 2021

Extend the Life of Your Vehicle’s Decals with Proper Maintenance

If you own a fleet of business vehicles, there’s a good chance you have graphics or decals on the exterior body of the cars. Decals are a great way to advertise your business’ services or inform the public of your contact information. Who knows, the person sitting at the red light next to you might need the exact service you are promoting. However, these decals can fade over time if they aren’t maintained correctly. The last thing you want is to drive around the local community with vehicles that are in a state of disrepair. As a business, you want to appear professional at all times.

How to Maintain Vehicle Decals Properly

In order to maintain your vehicle decals, there are some basic guidelines you should follow:

  1. Keep your vehicles in a garage. It’s just a fact: if you keep your cars out in the sun and expose them to the elements 24/7, the graphics will fade faster and attract debris. Keeping them inside or covering your decals regularly will extend their lifespan, and you won’t regret taking the time to do so later.
  2. Wash the decals with a gentle soap. Your vehicles will most likely be on the road for a fair amount of time, and throughout the day dirt will inevitably start to accumulate. Use water, a gentle soap, and a smooth, non-abrasive cloth or sponge to wash the decals, then go over it again with water before drying. It’s a good idea to test the soap on a small area first, just in case it has an effect on the graphics.
  3. Use a polish. Finishing off your regular maintenance with a polish (preferably one made with Teflon or silicon) will create an extra protective coating for your vehicles.

What Not to Do

Decal maintenance doesn’t just mean performing a specific set of steps regularly; it’s also important to know what to avoid.

  1. Take your vehicles to a car wash. It might seem like an easy fix to run your vehicles through a car wash, but the aggressive scrubbing brushes inside could cause damage to the decals. In this case, it’s better to visit a place that cleans vehicles by hand (or to perform the cleaning yourself, if you’re able).
  2. Use a pressure washer. Like the brushes in car washes, pressure washers can harm vehicle graphics and decals, especially if they are used at a close range. If you aren’t able to wash your vehicles by hand and this is your only option, use the pressure washer from a distance. Try to avoid the decals, then wipe them with a cloth later.
  3. Let dirt sit on the decals for too long. It’s easy to avoid washing your vehicle decals if you have other important tasks at hand. However, if dirt continues to build up over time it could stain the decals or cause the outside protective layer to disintegrate. Wash them regularly to prevent this from happening.

Maintain Your Vehicle Decals with the Pros at East West Sign Group

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November 3, 2021