September 15, 2021

Getting the Most Out of Your LED Message Board

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When it comes to selecting signage that catches eyes and ultimately leads to a high return on investment, one of our top recommendations is an LED message board. LED message boards are versatile, energy efficient, and can be seen during any time of day. If you end up investing in an LED message board for your business, we have a few tips to help to ensure you are maximizing its effectiveness.


Remember the Flow of Traffic

Paying attention to traffic directions can allow you to leverage the full potential of your LED message board. For example, if northbound commuters face a lot of traffic past your business during rush hour, you can feel free to broadcast a longer message and feel confident that drivers will have time to read all the content. Conversely, if southbound drivers tend to face less traffic, you’ll want to keep the message shorter on that side, in order to give them time to receive your message in just a glance.


Minimize Scrolling Text

Speaking of driver’s, you should make it as easy as possible for them to read your message by keeping all text on static, individual lines. Using scrolling text may be tempting in order to squeeze in a longer message, but it’s not worth it considering most driver’s will only catch a glimpse of your signage as they navigate through their commute safely.


Vary Your Message

If you’ve invested in an LED message board, be sure to take advantage of one of its greatest benefits: versatility! You don’t necessarily have to broadcast a new message each day, but at the very least you’ll want to keep up with your message enough to ensure that you aren’t displaying any obsolete or out of date information.


Use Automatic Brightness

Cranking up the brightness of your LED message board makes sense on brighter summer days, but leaving it at maximum brightness once the sun sets will likely disturb passersby more than it attracts them to your place of business. By setting your LED message board to automatic brightness, you can be sure that your audience will view your message at optimal brightness regardless of the time of day or season.


Upgrade to an LED Message Board with East West Sign Group

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September 15, 2021