May 23, 2022

Our Guide to Color Psychology and Retail Signage

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When it comes to retail signage, first impressions are everything. Often, your business signage is the very first thing that prospective clients or customers interact with. As such, it is critical to assess whether your current signage is helping you bring in business or failing to capture the attention your business deserves. Similarly, it is imperative to think strategically when planning a signage revitalization. Signage is an investment! In this blog, we will help you maximize your return on that investment by exploring the impact of color psychology on the effectiveness of business signage.

Color Psychology and Retail Signage

Color choice is central to creating effective signage. We associate colors with emotions, and you can use those associations to influence the choices involved in your signage design. In general, warm colors produce feelings of excitement, passion, and positivity. Cool colors are more subtle and understated.

What Do the Most Popular Signage Colors Signify?

Red: Excitement. This is one of the most eye-catching color choices, as it provides sharp contrast with most colors around it. This is why we often see red used for warning signs as well as sale signs.

Orange: Friendliness. Orange is another bright and stimulating color, making it a great choice for businesses that prefer to exude a friendly, welcoming, cheerful, and confident outward appearance.

Yellow: Happiness and Joy. Yellows tend to elicit feelings of warmth and optimism, just as we feel on a perfect summer day.

Green: Growth and Health. Taking inspiration from nature yet again, green signage is a great choice for those attempting to create a peaceful environment that elicits feelings of good health and growth.

Blue: Calmness. On the complete opposite end of the spectrum from orange, blue is a soothing color that elicits feelings of calmness and trust.

Purple: Wisdom and Prestige. As our final most common signage color, purple implies luxury and extravagance.

Neutral/ Accent Colors

Black: A sophisticated accent color that offers great contrast with lighter colors and offers feelings of sophistication.

White: A great background color that pairs well with darker colors and elicits feelings of purity and simplicity.

Gray: A neutral middle ground!

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May 23, 2022