May 18, 2020

Helpful Tips for Reopening Your Restaurant

It is hard to estimate when the dust of COVID-19 will be completely settled. However, things are starting to move in a positive direction in many areas of the country as more states are switching from Stay-at-Home orders to Safer-at-Home protocols. While you may not be able to open your restaurant’s doors or sitting areas just yet, we are certainly at the point where you can prepare to do so.

Use Signage to Promote Social Distancing

As you start to reopen your restaurant, it won’t instantly be business as usual. Some experts say that social distancing measures may still be present in our daily lives into the Fall. We recommend using signage to keep social distancing at the forefront of guest’s minds.  A combination of wall signage and spaced out floor decals for queuing are a great way to keep your guests safe amidst reopening. For maximum safety, the National Restaurant Association also recommends posting signage signifying that no one with a fever or symptoms of COVID-19 is to be permitted in the restaurant.

Clean and Sanitize

Before reopening, be sure to thoroughly clean and sanitize your entire facility. Pay very close attention to make sure that areas contacted by staff and guests are particularly clean. Once you are able to welcome guests, be sure that hand sanitizer is readily available for their use. For their protection, you should also sanitize public restrooms more frequently throughout the day and sanitize tables between every guest.

Closely Monitor Employee Health and Hygiene

As you reopen your restaurant, be sure to refamiliarize yourself with FDA Food Code requirements. Here are the requirements that largely pertain to COVID-19:

  • Prohibiting sick employees in the workplace
  • Strict handwashing practices that include how and when to wash hands
  • Strong procedures and practices to clean and sanitize surfaces
  • Ensuring the person in charge of a food service facility is a certified food safety manager
  • Ensuring the person in charge is on-site at all times during operating hours

Based on these requirements, sick employees should remain at home and employees who begin to feel ill at work should go home immediately. The CDC recommends 7 days of self-isolation if COVID-19 related symptoms are reported. After this, employees can return to work after displaying no symptoms and for three days.

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May 18, 2020