July 21, 2021

Why is Interior Signage Important in an Office Setting?

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In a retail setting, it’s easy to see the numerous benefits of quality signage. When customers are walking down an aisle or even driving past a storefront, well-designed and well-placed signage could encourage them to purchase items that perhaps they wouldn’t have even noticed without a little direction. While promotional signage isn’t necessary for an office setting, there are several reasons why quality interior signage is worth emphasizing at the office.

Why is Interior Signage Important in an Office Setting?

Help Setting the Mood

When guests enter your office space for the first time, well-designed interior signage can instantly reveal the tone of your business. High-quality signage itself signifies that the new visitor is dealing with a reputable business.  The composition of the signage effectively sets the mood for the space, whether that be professional, modern, comforting, traditional or any tone of your choosing. An effective wayfinding system consisting of helpful signage throughout the space can also ensure your visitors reach their destination without any added difficulties.

Creating a Comfortable Workplace

Signage is often viewed as a means to attract more customers, but that is only part of the picture when it comes to office signage. Professional signage can make your personnel feel more welcome in their work environment as well. Your team are professionals, and custom door signage can help ensure they (and their clients) are reminded as such each time they arrive at the office.

ADA Compliance

In order to provide equal access to public spaces, the ADA has a few regulations in place for architectural signage. Ensuring that required signage is present, placed correctly, designed with high color contrast and includes Braille dots is a must for those attempting to create a safe office environment that all visitors can navigate. Check out our blog post on ADA compliance to ensure your office space makes the grade!

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July 21, 2021