September 22, 2017

A New LED Message Center Sets the Standard for ROI

business signage

Fall is the perfect time for new beginnings. One of the best new beginnings you can
offer your business is a new LED message center. New message boards can provide you
with a phenomenal return on investment for your business.

Impressions Every Day

Good business signage gets thousands of impressions every day, whether or not your
business is open. LED message centers are particularly valuable thanks to their ease and
flexibility of use. One of the best measures of the effectiveness of your advertising is the
cost per thousand impressions (CPM). Traditional newspaper advertising has a $7.50
CPM, television advertising has a $6.30 CPM and an LED or electronic message center
display has an incredible $0.43 CPM. You cannot beat the value!

Tangible Returns on Your LED Message Center Investment

Many businesses that purchase new electronic message centers (EMC’s) also experience
substantial returns in the form of increased business or bookings. These signs can be
used to advertise your basic business information, your current promotions and any
upcoming events. One bank used their EMC to promote loan financing rates and
account benefits. As a result, they saw a significant increase in both. Your message
center is a direct link with potential customers every day, and it can greatly help you to
achieve your sales benchmarks and goals.

LED Message Centers Meet Your Needs

Finally, EMC’s provide businesses with the greatest degree of flexibility and
customization. You can set your own schedule and change messages as often as you
would like to, unlike newspapers or television advertisements. Your message center can
adapt to your changing needs throughout the year.

Work with East West Sign Group

East West Sign Group is passionate about providing businesses both big and small with
updated and affordable signage. We walk with all of our clients every step of the way,
from designing the perfect sign to the final installation. Let us take your big picture ideas
and turn them into exterior and interior signs that help you stand out from the rest!

September 22, 2017