May 13, 2020

Preparing Your Physical Workspace for Returning

In the next several weeks and months, many of us will make a great migration from our home offices back to our business workspaces. While we don’t know exactly when that day will come, we do know that now is a great time to start preparing for the return. Luckily, real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield has released an extensive guide that businesses can use to make sure they’re on track for a safe, successful return to the physical workplace. Check out our biggest takeaways from the guide paired with some recommendations of our own.

Signage Tips

Even when it is safe enough to return to our physical workplaces, social distancing measures will still be in place. Consider using signage to remind employees of your new social distancing measures.  Signage that communicates key messages can also be placed in highly trafficked areas like restrooms, main entrances and elevators.

Social Distancing Measures

Your social distancing plan should be well thought out and prepared before a full return to the workspace. Simply avoiding contact and washing hands is not enough. You should be sure to alternate use of desks if they are in close proximity, reduce capacity of meeting rooms and provide an ideal route through the space to control the flow of traffic. Be sure that your employees are familiar with these protocols before the return. Finally, and this likely goes without saying: stock up on PPE to ensure your employees are protected while in the early stages of the return.

Complete Pre-Return Checks

Odds are, your workspace has been largely unused for an extended period of time at this point. A variety of checks should be performed before day one of your business’s return to its space. Be sure to have your HVAC equipment checked over to ensure it is ready for full time use once again. Additionally, be sure you have plenty of cleaning supplies on hand, even after a thorough sanitization of your space is complete. All employees servicing your space before reopening should be provided with proper PPE.

Outfit Your Workspace with Signage from East West Sign Group

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May 13, 2020