June 9, 2020

Signage Trends in 2020

Every year, more and more innovations are sprouting up in the world of business signage. It can be hard to keep track of these changes from year to year, but we have you covered. If you are planning on upgrading your signage in 2020, check out these latest trends to ensure your new signage is creating the best possible first impression for your customers.

LED Message Centers

LED message centers has been around for several years now, but some recent advancements have made it even more common. While the upfront cost of LED signage may be higher, the versatility it offers often makes the investment worth it. Consider that outdoor LED signage grants you the ability to keep each passerby in-the-loop, in terms of company updates and sales, or even to broadcast your latest social media announcements.

Social Media Integration

Even businesses that do not use LED message centers are spreading the word about their social media with their signs. After all, many businesses use social media as their main marketing platform. If this is the case for your business as well, consider creating signage that features your social media handles. This will allow curious onlookers to find out more about your business and discover your curated content.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable design is becoming increasingly common in many fields, from building design to biodegradable packaging and utensils. While the life cycle of signage isn’t quite as long as that of a building, there are still many steps that signage providers are taking in order to promote sustainable design. When upgrading your signage, ask your provider if they can offer low cost sustainable design measures, like digital printing, sustainable ink choices or reclaimed or recycled materials, that do not compromise on quality and durability.

Keep Your Business Up to Date with Current Signage Trends

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June 9, 2020