July 24, 2019

Signage 101: Standard Poster Sizes

Posters are a key element of interior and exterior signage for many businesses. Whether you use temporary posters to advertise sales or permanent posters to guide visitors through the store, it’s important to invest in high-quality signage. When you sit down with your designer at East West Sign Group, you will work through all of your preferences and options, including which of the standard poster sizes you are interested in.

Standard Poster Size

While there are numerous common poster sizes, only one is typically called standard poster size. A piece of paper 24” wide and 36” tall is a standard poster. Posters this size can be used for almost anything, including advertising, event promotion, announcements and décor. Standard poster size posters can be seen in businesses of every size and type. This size of poster is also what you see lining dorm rooms depicting movies, video game characters and celebrities. When making a poster of this size, it’s best to have one central message with supplemental details and bright colors, interesting graphics and great copy. You have plenty of space to work with!

Standard Poster Sizes

Beyond the standard poster size, there are three other sizes that are often lumped together as standard poster sizes:

  1. 18” x 24” Posters: This poster size is also known as the Architectural C size. These posters are slightly smaller but excellent for use in interior applications. Architectural C posters can be used for menus, concert flyers and promotions. Posters of this size often have more information than a standard-sized poster, since they are usually hung where customers can get closer to them and read them.
  2. 11” x 17” Posters: Posters of this size are also called ledger, tabloid, ANSI B or small posters. 11” x 17” posters are slightly larger than letter size and can be printed on some commercial copy machines. You’ve probably seen signs of this size used as circulars, notices, infographics and advertisements.
  3. 5” x 11” Posters: Letter size posters are the same size as the paper in your printer. While posters of this size are rarely used as exterior signage, this size works well for handouts, announcements, displaying policies and temporary sales. When you’re relying on a poster this small, you should make sure that your text is large enough customers can read it. Keep things short and simple.

Exterior and Interior Signage from East West Sign Group

We are the experts in creating interior signage that perfectly matches your branding, whether you want signage that is more traditional or modern and digital. We can create posters of any size that meet your needs. East West Sign Group knows all about exterior and interior sign design and installation, and we have worked with countless businesses to boost business with great signage. To learn more about how we can design the right sign for you, contact us today!

July 24, 2019