May 10, 2021

On a Tight Budget? Be sure to Have These Signage Bases Covered

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The last 14 months have taken their toll on the economy. Even still, it’s essential to attract attention and traffic to our businesses. Here are a few signage ideas you can implement to draw eyes to your business while working with a tight budget.

Pylon Signage

If you’d like your business to be noticed by cars and foot traffic passing by, a panel on a pylon or monument sign is a great investment! These signs can be over 10 feet tall, meaning your audience should catch a glimpse of them even during the busier hours of the day. In addition, with an added light source, visitors will easily be able to locate your business once the sun sets as well.

Storefront Signage

Clean, well-lit storefront signage is among the best methods of communicating your presence and your services. There are many customizable factors for storefront signage, meaning you are bound to find a solution that fits your needs and budget. Whether you choose LED-backlit signage, lightbox signage, or a pin-mounted solution with an exterior light source, some sort of sleek, professional storefront signage is fundamentally important when trying to attract new customers.

Interior Signage

Once your exterior sign draws customers into your space, be sure to direct them through your store (or to your latest sales) with eye-catching interior signs and graphics! If a tight budget is a concern, you really can’t go wrong with vinyl interior signage. Expect bright, clear and long-lasting interior signage solutions at a reasonable cost, compared to more sophisticated interior options.

The Case for Adding Value Through Signage Investment

One of our favorite signage solutions, LED Message Centers, admittedly are not the cheapest option upfront. However, they offer tremendous cost per impression. If your business is situated near a busy road, an LED message center can increase your visibility and help you stand out from any other business signage that may be around. Plus, you can change your message to routinely catch the attention of drivers who often pass your space.

Make the Most of a Tight Budget East West Sign Group

We are the experts in creating effective business signage, whether it’s more traditional or modern and digital. East West Sign Group knows all about sign design and installation, and we have worked with countless businesses to boost business with great signage. To learn more about how we can design the right sign for you, contact us today!

May 10, 2021