July 6, 2022

Top 4 Most Important Sign Design Elements

Signage Samples, different shapes and sizes for different locations in a building.

Every business must have a sign design that is consistent and legible. At the same time, each sign needs to be unique and memorable. It’s not always easy to find the right balance between aesthetic appeal and function. That being said, signage is one of the first things that will draw customers to your business, so it’s crucial to get it right. Putting a lot of thought into your signage’s design will ensure its success. But what is sign design?

Sign design is the process of selecting and applying sign design elements that communicate a message. Consequently, you must first understand the sign design elements in your toolkit before you can become an expert.

Top 4 Most Important Sign Design Elements

1.     A Readable Typeface

While it can be tempting to consider loud, ornate typefaces, these are hardly ever readable from long distances. If customers can’t read your sign, they won’t know what kind of services and products you offer. More than likely, they won’t notice or visit your establishment at all; they’ll simply move along to the next business. To prevent this issue, always choose a clear typeface that isn’t cluttered with too many symbols or decorative embellishments.

2.     Brand-Focused Colors

Whether you include one color or three, the hues you select should match your brand identity. Colors are visual cues that help to convey emotions, and emotional appeals to consumers benefit all businesses. What does your brand represent? What feelings do you want to evoke? It’s important for customers to associate your company with a familiar, positive experience when they see your sign. A business that sells hammocks, for example, might represent nature and relaxation with colors like green and blue. Another tip: if you take advantage of color combinations, make sure enough contrast is present to make the sign readable.

3.     Eye-Catching Graphics

Text is one of the most essential sign design elements, but graphics are also useful in many cases. Consider businesses like McDonald’s; what do you think of first, the typeface in their signage or those famous golden arches? Depending on what type of company you own, symbols can be more effective than text. What images come to mind when you think of your brand? How can you display them in a way that is simple and straightforward, yet powerful?

4.     Unconventional Shapes

The next time you drive or walk through your town, take note of the signs that grab your attention. More than likely, they’ll include unique sign design elements like strange shapes or clever imagery. In today’s market, standing out from the crowd is more important than ever. Businesses in major cities don’t have a choice; they must make their signs unique if they want to survive. Bizarre, unconventional signs sell. Customers these days aren’t looking for an average experience. They want to be wowed.

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July 6, 2022