June 20, 2017

The Transition from Online to In-Store

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While many existing retail storefronts are downsizing and re-assessing their strategic plans, more and more online businesses are purchasing retail storefronts to sell their products. What is behind the shift and how can you ensure that your e-business maintains sufficient traffic in a physical storefront?

Retail Storefronts for Online Products

Several online clothing stores have purchased retail storefronts to help make their products more accessible and justify the cost to consumers. These showrooms are designed to engage customers with the products, ensure that they fit to their liking and give them access to the products before ever placing an order. These retail storefronts will take the customer’s order and then ship it from the same warehouse that processes online orders. This step limits the investment in inventory that is traditionally required for retail storefronts and increases the likelihood a consumer will make a purchase.

Combine Your Businesses

Traditional retailers and new retailers alike are realizing that online shopping isn’t just a trend—it’s the future! Many companies, including major players like WalMart and Amazon, are integrating their brick-and-mortar storefronts with their online stores for a unified experience. Users can scan barcodes standing in a store to order a product in their size online or place an order online and pick it up at the storefront an hour later. This seamless experience encourages users to purchase exactly what they want in the way that they would like to purchase it.

Signage Matters

When choosing a retail storefront, always budget for the right signage. Even established businesses can lose foot traffic with insufficient or unattractive signage. Choose a sign that incorporates your company colors, logo and name so that online shoppers can spot you from the street. Proper signage is often the deciding factor between a successful retail storefront and an online business that remains online.

East West Sign Group is passionate about providing businesses both big and small with eye-catching and affordable signage. We walk with all of our clients every step of the way, from designing the perfect sign to the final installation. Let us take your big picture ideas and turn them into exterior and interior signs that help you stand out from the rest!

June 20, 2017