April 14, 2020

Video Conferencing Etiquette

Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, a lot of changes have been introduced in our lives. A surge in teleworking has emerged due to restrictions on non-essential businesses And many businesses have started to use video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams to stay in touch with their work teams while working from home. If you find yourself in this situation as well, consider these tips to ensure your video conferencing etiquette is up to par!

Use the Mute Option

It’s not a secret that many distractions can be present in our homes. Most students are currently at home too, and they (or their voices) have a tendency to make appearances at unpredictable times. The same applies with dogs, who may start barking to welcome your latest grocery delivery. Luckily, most video conferencing platforms have a mute option. If you are not currently active in the discussion, consider muting your microphone to avoid any unnecessary distractions. The mute option will also be your best friend if you need to take your phone into the bathroom!

Try to Keep Interruptions to a Minimum

Video conferencing as a primary means of communication is a new concept to many of us and when you get into your first large video conference, it’s common that people will talk over each other at times. However, it can be a lot more difficult to decipher what everyone is saying when this occurs, so you should try to be conscious of this for maximum success and minimal frustration. To create some kind of order to the conversation, many businesses are also using hand raising or using presentation mode if your platform has it, which mutes all users except the host until the conclusion of the presentation.

Use Chat Boxes When Necessary

Most video conferencing platforms include chat boxes that can be used by active members of a conference. If a side conversation starts, it may be best to take it to the chat box while the current conversation wraps up. Additionally, if there is a topic you’d like to discuss after the current topic, feel free to add it to the chat box! This is a great way to keep track of the thought without interrupting the speaker.

Don’t Turn into a Potato While Video Conferencing

Check out this tweet that went viral early last week. Oops! While this made a lot of people’s day, we have advice for you just in case you find yourself in this situation. This is actually due to an application called Snap Camera, which can integrate with programs used for video conferencing. If you accidentally become a potato or other food item, don’t panic! Simply deactivating the app should painlessly return you to your original form.

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April 14, 2020