It’s no secret that retail foot traffic is decreasing every year. Chances are your business has been trying to develop a plan to increase the traffic to your store. Why is foot traffic decreasing and what can you do to help reverse this concerning trend?

Why is Foot Traffic Decreasing?

Some store owners mistakenly think that consumers don’t visit their store because they would prefer online shopping, but that is almost never the case. Many people are simply not finding things in stores that are making it worth the trip. Customers want an experience, not just a visit that mimics scrolling through their choices online.

What Can You Do?

First, you need to decide what your goal is. Does your business struggle to get people inside the doors from the street? Does your business have trouble with customers knowing where you are located? Do people buy things once they enter or simply browse and leave? One of the best ways to get customers in your store is with unique signage. Choose signage that attracts attention from those driving and walking by and consider adding lights or technical elements to draw more people in.

Why Is Signage the Determining Factor?

Most businesses underestimate how important great signage is. A recent study demonstrated that:

  • 8 in 10 customers entered a business they didn’t plan to visit based solely on its signage
  • 75% of respondents told a friend or family member about a business after they saw a sign for it
  • A whopping 68% of consumers think that signage reflects the quality of the business and their product
  • 60% of customers said that a lack of signage stopped them from entering a store

With statistics like those, it’s clear that many retailers are struggling to get business because they don’t focus on the most valuable first impression of all—proper signage.

Work with East West Sign Group

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