Awnings are a phenomenal way to combine practical shelter with effective business signage. Commercial window awnings can boost your business and round out your signage with eye-catching appeal. Ready to design your perfect awning?

If Your Awning is the Main Signage

If an awning is going to be the primary form of signage outside of your business, you need to include all of your essential information directly on it. Always include:

  • The name of your business
  • A few-word description of what you do, like “Steakhouse,” “Auto Parts” or “Cosmetic Dentistry.”

Consider an illuminated awning for greater noticeability.  If you have space and your awning won’t look too cluttered, you can also include a URL, your phone number, the hours of your business or your logo.

If Your Awning is Additional Signage

If your awning isn’t the only sign that your business has, you have more wiggle room with what information makes the cut. Awnings are perfect for supplying additional information that won’t comfortably fit on a wall sign or other sign. For example, a restaurant could write some of their specialties on the awning to highlight their best-known dishes and a repair shop could showcase the different pieces of technology that they work with.

If Your Awning is Additional Branding

Graphic awnings are signage that primarily furthers branding instead of providing information. This form of awning sign can include your business logo, graphics that are associated with your brand or interesting topical designs. As long as your other signs get the key points across, like the business name and hours, you can place whatever you would like on a graphic awning.

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