Over the course of the past few years, many towns and cities have moved to restrict illuminated signs. A recent study at Villanova University aimed to show the economic impact of illuminated signs and how recent municipal restrictions have affected that.

The Effects of Illuminated Signs

The study collected responses from hundreds of business owners throughout the country on how their illuminated signs have an effect on their business and marketing goals. The majority of business owners indicated that illuminated signs help to round out their marketing, add branding to the location of the business, make the store appear more attractive to consumers and advertise the location.

The Effects of Increased Restrictions

About 25% of business owners said that they faced local restrictions on their signs including:

  • What type of illuminated sign they could operate
  • The brightness level
  • The hours that it could be turned on

The business owners who faced these restrictions agreed that the limitations on their illuminated signs made it harder to market their business. Without the ability to keep the sign lit after hours, it was much harder to reach their marketing goals.

Over half of the total respondents thought they would lose over 20% of their sales revenue as a result of sign regulations where they operate. While the actual effects on business owners with active restrictions were not that profound, the strong belief that business would be impacted shows that most business owners truly understand the power of their illuminated signage.

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